The Branding Team of Peachtree Presbyterian Church,
in cooperation with the staff, Elders, the Session,
and our consulting agency, Auxano, are proud to introduce
our new visual identity package.

The Branding Team convened in January 2018 to begin the work of creating and adopting the visual elements that would support the work of the Vision Team, who completed their efforts in December 2017 to verbalize Peachtree’s mission, values, mission measures, and strategy. The mission statement drafted and adopted is…

Joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things.

The Process

With such a great and dynamic mission statement in place, the challenge for the Branding Team became creating a logo that communicates our vision and mission in a clear, simple, and compelling manner.

Hear and see how the new logo was developed in this video presentation.

Why a Chevron?

As demonstrated in the video, Peachtree’s new logo is comprised of eight identical chevrons. A chevron is a V-shaped mark most often used in an inverted form. The chevron is a primary design element of our steeple and the symbols pointing skyward to the cross that adorns the top of the steeple.

The Arms of John FitzRobert, signatory to Magna Carta, 1215

Corporal insignia, U.S. Marines

The earliest use of the chevron is around 1800 B.C., and the symbol has been a prominent feature through history on a variety of coats of arms. In recent history, the shape has been used as an indicator of rank in the military.

The eight identical shapes in Peachtree’s logo correspond exactly to the eight-sided steeple that sits majestically over our sanctuary. We are thrilled to have been able to utilize such a primary architectural element from our campus in the creation of our new visual identity.

The Cross

Also mentioned in the video, the Branding Team listened attentively to the desires of the Session, the Elders, and many members of the congregation. The consistent and compelling message was, “Please use a cross in the new logo!” Integrating a cross in the logo was a high risk, high reward proposition. So many churches and religious organizations have the cross in their logo, but many fail to create a unique or classic representation of this most iconic symbol.

The equidistant cross created in the negative space of our new logo is an ancient, yet modern treatment. Negative space, as defined by Wikipedia, is the space around and between the subjects of an image.  Here are a couple of classic examples of negative space logos.

The cross at the center of Peachtree’s logo represents the centrality of Christ in our mission, joining Christ daily. The negative space creates a ‘boundless cross’, meaning we share the love of Christ in service with everyone, everywhere. The outward directed chevrons, pointing north, south, east, and west, indicate a faith community reaching out through the entire world working to restore all things.

The COlors

The colors of the Peachtree logo represent our two most sacred sacraments, that of baptism and of the Lord’s Supper. The blue signifies the water and the red signifies the wine. These two colors also have deep theological meaning, with red representing the blood of Christ, shed for the forgiveness of sins. Blue represents the Holy Spirit and also alludes to the healing, restorative nature of water.

What makes A Great logo?

A great logo must be simple and clean, meaningful, unique, scalable, flexible, and timeless. Great logos sustain over time and do not rely on design trends or popular styles. Peachtree’s new logo fulfills each of these requirements beautifully, with classic simplicity and theological depth. We are convinced this logo can stand the test of time and become a recognized symbol, not only in Atlanta and the southeast, but also around the world.

Here are the different treatments of the Peachtree logo you will begin seeing in the coming months.

A Presbyterian Congregation

One of the most consistent questions regards the use of the word Presbyterian in the logo. Our brand is Peachtree Church, but we are a Presbyterian congregation and that will be indicated in a variety of communications. One example is shown in the versions above. However, including the word Presbyterian in the official logo would significantly restrict the scalability and flexibility of the mark.

Phased Implementation

The process of converting from the existing logo to the new logo will be a phased effort that will begin immediately and continue during the coming year. Priority will be given to the most visible uses of our mark, such as on digital communications, including e-mail, the Internet, our website, and our weekly publications and broadcasts.

We plan to have apparel and gifts that utilize our logo available for purchase in the coming months. The Creative Team at Peachtree will be working diligently to efficiently administer this very significant transition.

The branding effort will continue into 2019, and possibly beyond, as we seek to expand the brand family by creating a consistent treatment of many sub-branded elements of the Peachtree family, including symbols for our three-part strategy, our many ministries, and our affiliated organizations.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please e-mail us at

A Message from Dan Johnson

Creative and Communications Director

I would like to express appreciation to the many who contributed their time, experience, and creativity to the creation and implementation of this powerful symbol for this Christian community.

The Branding Team

Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark

Chief Executive Officer, DDB Worldwide

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson

Creative and Communications Director Peachtree Presbyterian Church

Rich Kannwischer

Rich Kannwischer

Senior Pastor, Peachtree Presbyterian Church

Will Katz

Will Katz

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Activation

Carrie McWilliams

Carrie McWilliams

Consulting Communications Manager, Deloitte

Will Thomason

Will Thomason

Former EVP, Group Leader, and Equity Partner, 22Squared

2018 Session

Special appreciation for the 2018 Session, whose enthusiastic support and unanimous approval of the logo is greatly appreciated.

The Peachtree Creative Team

The Peachtree Creative Team whose creative input contributed to a successful endeavor and whose on-going efforts will be a key component of the implementation plan.

Most of all, we are thankful to God, who guided us with wisdom, provided us with patience, and blessed us with creative energy and enthusiasm. We believe His hand was upon the process and his fingerprints adorn the outcome.

With thanksgiving,
Dan Johnson, Chair
The Branding Team